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"A Myth Comes True For years slot players have believed a myth that the casinos could change the payback of a machine with the flip of a switch. They worried that the casino could tighten the machines during busy times such as weekends and then loosen them ... Are Slot Machines Honest? - Gambling Sites - Best Online Gambling Sites of 2018 Answering the question “are slot machines honest?” begins with learning how the games work mathematically. ... You can find a slot machine game with any theme you can imagine. Love Elvis Presley? You’ll find a slot machine for it. Play Dungeons & Dragons ... do casinos tighten their slot machines? | Yahoo Answers All Categories Arts & Humanities Beauty & Style Business & Finance Cars & Transportation Computers & Internet Consumer Electronics Dining Out Education & Reference Entertainment & Music Environment Family & Relationships Food & Drink Games ... As slots get tighter, so do some retirees - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

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winning slot machine at casinos winningvarious free slots and online slot machines with great graphics and animation effects, it is the best place to play free slots and online slot machines with no download required.Strategy for Older Coin Slot Machines In order for a slot player to hold their own and possibly hit a big jackpot on todays slot machines, they must know which machines offer the ... GGB Magazine | Leased Vs. Owned It sounds like a consideration about buying a car, but slot machines can also be a lot like automobiles. From the days of Megabucks, the first wide-area progressive slot machines (WAP), casinos have shared the profits earned by the slot machine in their casino with the manufacturers, but also share in the liability (with other casinos in the “wide area”) once someone hits a jackpot. How to Find a Loose Slot Machine at a Casino | Our Pastimes

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Can Slot Players Tell If a Machine is “Loose” or “Tight"? - Raving And the implied corollary was YOU CAN TIGHTEN YOUR SLOTS, MAKE MORE MONEY, AND YOUR PLAYERS WON’T KNOW IT!!! ... Please don’t tighten your slot machines, at least any more than you already have. Short term gain. Long term pain. ... Slots - Cycles and other myths - Wizard Of Odds, Your Guide to Gambling and Online Casinos, news

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Casinos with standalone slot machines where the actual machine in front of you has its own dedicated random number generator is relatively easily determined. Ask someone, ... Slot Machine Facts You Should Know - Top 5 Online Gambling Sites in 2018 - Best Casinos & Betting

Casinos can’t just alter the settings of a slot machine lest they would need to change the chip that runs it as well. In cases where they do want to alter it, they would need to file the required paper works to the Casino Control Commission.

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